Constructor Plus Arrives Next Month

By Rebecca Smith,
While not the worst release story to be had (The Culling 2 I'm looking at you), Constructor certainly didn't fare terribly well. When it was released in May 2017, it was so buggy and broken that it was withdrawn from sale soon after release. It was re-released in July 2017 with patches that attempted to fix the issues, but it still left quite a few broken achievements in its wake. A patch for those arrived early last year, but developer System 3 had also promised an upgrade that would be bringing a plethora of new content, but we didn't know when. Now we do — Constructor Plus will be released next month.

Constructor Plus will add nearly 100 new buildings to the game, such as skyscrapers, casinos, and monuments; 12 more worlds; new undesirables; new game modes, such as Mission Mode with 15 stories to try out; and even 65 pre-built cities if players want a head start. The latest trailer shows players just what they can expect:

Players will be able to buy Constructor Plus separately on February 28th both digitally and at retail. Those who already own the game will be able to purchase an upgrade from "participating digital stores" for just £10 or regional equivalent if they choose.

We've got the full list of Constructor achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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