Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Gives an Overview of New Gameplay Features

By Rebecca Smith,
Two weeks ago, we got a glimpse of the different Keyblades set to feature in KINGDOM HEARTS III. With new gameplay features attached to them, they play a vital role in the upcoming fight against the Darkness, and the latest trailer gives an overview of why they are so important, as well as explaining magic, the Gummi Ship, and other features.

Kingdom Hearts III screen 7

One of the new gameplay elements for the upcoming title is the Keyblades' ability to change into different forms that give new abilities and attacks specialised to the characters and world in which Sora and friends currently find themselves. He can also use elemental magic that can be used for attacks or defence. In the form of the park Attractions, these can be used for more powerful attacks against enemies, while there's also the option of linking to other Disney characters and combining powers.

The Gummi Ship returns to the franchise and will allow players to customise its appearance and abilities, allowing players to specialise in speed, defence, and firepower. Finally, there's a glimpse at some of the many mini-games players will be able to try out, including those inspired by "1980’s-era LCD games and iconic Disney animated shorts".

There's not long to wait now as Kingdom Hearts III will send players on a Disney adventure as early as next week, January 29th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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