New Trailer and Screenshots for the Lovecraftian Thriller Conarium

By Nicole René, 23 days ago
Due to release in February, Zoetrope Interactive is eager to share more news for their upcoming Lovecraftian horror title, Conarium. A new trailer has recently been revealed alongside a small collection of screenshots, both of which give players a glimpse of the eerie, Antarctic base of Upuaut in which the story takes place.

Inspired by the novella At the Mountains of Madness, Conarium follows the path of Frank Gilman after his sudden revival from death. Visions of the past yield clues into the experiments once performed in the facility, taunting the boundaries of nature and existence. As the last survivors of the expedition roam the derelict halls—macabre beings with haunted features—players will need to avoid conflict and solve puzzles in order to stay alive while also discovering what untold changes lie within themselves.

Experience the Lovecraftian horror yourself when Conarium launches on February 12th, enhanced in 4K.

We've got the full list of Conarium achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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