Poll: Do You Watch Video Game Streams?

By Mark Delaney, 21 days ago
Happy (late) Friday TA! Last week's poll was the customary TA Playlist decider. This February, our community has voted 2016's OXENFREE into the spotlight. Be sure to join us in the TA Playlist Hub starting next week on February 1st.

This week, we're thinking about video game streaming platforms. Sea of Thieves has become the sudden craze on Twitch over the past few weeks, regularly appearing in the top three games and even dethroning Fortnite at some points. With that in mind, we're wondering how much our community cares about streaming, as viewers or perhaps even as streamers yourselves. Do you find yourself doing one more than the other or maybe never partaking in either side of that medium? Sound off in this week's poll!


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Do you watch video game streams and/or stream them yourself?
  • I watch them but don't stream them myself33.07% (866)
  • I stream them myself but don't watch them2.56% (67)
  • I watch them and stream them10.84% (284)
  • I neither watch them nor stream them49.26% (1290)
  • Other4.28% (112)
We've had 2619 responses.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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