New Battlefield V Update Alters the Practice Range, Panzerstorm Map, and More

By Nicole René, 16 days ago
Battlefield V is receiving yet another January update, and this time, there's several in-game mechanics being tweaked. A new reward is available through the next Tides of War event, both the Practice Range and Panzerstorm maps are now undergoing changes, and a wide range of community feedback responses are being implemented throughout the game. There's plenty of alterations to go over, so without further ado, let's get started.

Battlefield V

Tides of War: Chapter 2

As mentioned previously, Tides of War continues to evolve with new chapters and new rewards for players. New to the lineup of items is an Axis tank, the Sturmgeschutz IV. Often described as an assault gun, the Sturmgeschutz is ideal for self-defense, as it includes a top gunner position and a machine gun turret that is operated from within. Unfortunately, it seems there was a bit of miscommunication with the patch notes, as the Sturmgeschutz IV will actually be available at a later date, and not in the second chapter of Tides of War, as was originally believed.

Practice Range

As for the Practice Range, three new modes have been added: Grenade Practice, Gadget Practice, and Skeet Shooting. In addition to this, ribbons have been added to the open range mini modes, all of which can be earned based on difficulty. More racks have also been added, as to allow players to practice with all types of gear. There's plenty of other less significant issues that have been addressed as well, such as the overall visual of the range, and even the spawning location of players. You can read about all the new features and modes via the official site.

Panzerstorm Map

New to Battlefield V, the Panzerstorm map was generally well received by novice and veteran players alike. However, issues involving vehicles and soldiers still remained. After receiving criticism from players stating that the map was "too flat," DICE has added various aesthetic items to fix it. Buildings have been repositioned, trenches have been added, and foliage has increased in numbers between flags to create a more dynamic battlefield. The flight ceiling has also been lifted due to increased complaints by pilots. The limit is now 400 meters, instead of the original 300. For now, these are the only alterations planned for the map, however, DICE noted that they will continue to look into reports by players.

Patch Notes

And finally, with the new update comes a new round of bug fixes as well. It's a massive list too, featuring tweaks for soldiers, vehicles, maps, gameplay, and even visuals. As for Xbox specific adjustments, the patch is meant to fix the issue of black screens that result from resuming the game from standby mode, as well as the issue of the chat window not appearing in-game. You can see the full list of changes in the spoiler tag below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Battlefield V - Panzerstorm

The update is now live. The Sturmgeschutz IV will be available on February 14th.

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