Team17 Teases More Free Content For Overcooked! 2

By Andy Mills, 18 days ago
In addition to the already delightful base game, Ghost Town Games and Team17 has added plenty of content to Overcooked! 2 in the form of paid DLC like the "Surf 'n' Turf" add-on, as well as free content like the New Game + mode and the recent "Kevin's Christmas Cracker" update. That generosity is set to continue as Team17 has teased another free update on the way for the game in a rather short video.

Now we obviously can't outright confirm anything until Team17 themselves let us all know, but even in that short video, there's enough there to believe it's related to the imminent Chinese New Year. See what you think for yourselves by watching the video below.

We'll know for sure when Team17 reveals more, which shouldn't be too long at all if previous Overcooked! 2 teases are anything to go by.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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