New God Merlin and More Delayed with SMITE's 6.1 Update

By Nicole René, 18 days ago
The MOBA title SMITE continues to grow with seasonal events and additional updates for fans, and Season 6 is just one of many that was scheduled to add new content to the game. Unfortunately, it was recently announced to be delayed due to the team adding some "final polish" to the new features, meaning they won't be available for use until a later date.

Smite Merlin

Despite the delay, Season 6 will still bring all of the content that was promised to the community. In case you missed it, there are five things in particular:
  • Cross-play and Cross-progression
  • New God: Merlin – The Master Wizard
  • Role Queue
  • New Conquest Updates
  • The first ever SMITE Battle Pass
As stated previously, the extra time will allow for more stress testing of some of these same features, particularly the aspect of cross-play. Players can now expect Season 6 to arrive on February 11th instead.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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