Sea of Thieves Making Crossplay Optional in Next Update

By Nicole René, 19 days ago
Cross-play between platforms is often described as one of the best implementations to arrive with modern gaming. Unfortunately, differences between consoles can also lead to disagreements between players, as that's exactly what happened with Sea of Thieves. In the recent developer update from the Executive Producer, Joe Neate, Rare's plans for optional cross-play between Xbox One and PC players was revealed in order to fix this.

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Players who still desire to interact with PC users will still have the option. However, those who don't will be able to toggle the option on and off at their choosing. Rare believes that separating the player base will allow for more equal footing in the upcoming PvP Arena, as Xbox players have been vocal about the arguably unfair advantage between control schemes:
We’ve heard a lot of feedback around this, we’ve talked about it a lot and we definitely believe this is the right approach especially with that competitive mode coming. Once we do implement this, the option will be available whether you’re going into Adventure mode or into Arena, so it will be available across the entire game.

But cross-play features isn't the only thing being highlighted in the update. Neate also describes future plans for mouse-and-keyboard input too, as well as Rare's continued support of lowering toxicity between players. Though there's no date for the optional settings it's likely that we'll see more as the Arena game mode is added in the future.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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