The Forza Team Really Want You To Pronounce Forza Correctly

By Andy Mills, 18 days ago
For the nearly 14 years since the series' debut on the original Xbox, players have debated how to pronounce Forza: is it "Four-za" or "Fort-za"? In an attempt to settle the debate, the Forza social media team weighed in on Twitter and they'd really, really like you to know that's it's "Fort-za".

So there it is, straight from the horse's mouth. Somehow we doubt it'll settle things much however. No one listened to the creator of the GIF after all — quite rightly, in this author's opinion. Regardless of how you pronounce it, a new Forza Horizon bundle containing both Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Horizon 4 should be available from tomorrow.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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