Fortnite and Twitch's Biggest Celebrities Lose Streaming Steam

By Sam Quirke, 18 days ago
Fortnite's concrete position at the top of the streaming charts may be starting to crack, according to the latest State of the Stream report from industry analysts StreamElements and StreamHatchet.

There's a whole bunch of interesting data in the report, which shows that YouTube Live is managing to slowly encroach on Twitch's dominance in the streaming world. YouTube's service grew by 104% in terms of streaming hours, compared to Twitch's 25% growth. Mixer is still a distant third but Microsoft's platform is continuing to grow, up 179% in 2018 compared to 2017.

There's other surprising news on the Twitch front — the platform's star streamers (the top 100) are dropping views compared to the streamers from position 101 to 10,000. The analysts suggest that this might lead to some major shake-ups in terms of the most popular streamers going forward. Streamers in positions 101 — 1,000 actually beat the top 100 in Q4 of the last calendar year in terms of total views. However the top 100 still dominate in terms of retention — they are the clear leaders in terms of viewing time, averaging approximately 45 minutes per viewer.

Could we be due for a shake-up among Twitch's elite?Could we be due for a shake-up among Twitch's elite?

The biggest surprise is perhaps Fortnite's continued loss of viewer share for two consecutive calendar quarters. While the dip in Q3 may have been considered a fluke, the battle royale game continues to lose its audience in Q4 — equating to a total 15% loss in viewership share since its peak in the second quarter of 2018. Whether events like Marshmello's 10-million strong in-game concert can change the trend in 2019 remains to be seen.

One last controversial trend can be seen in the below summary of Top 10 "Games" of 2018 vs 2017, where you'll notice the third biggest game of 2018 isn't a game at all:

IRL / Just Chatting doesn't involve gaming at allIRL / Just Chatting doesn't involve gaming at all

Because of the continued growth of so-called "IRL" — streamers just showing their daily lives or certain real-life activities — Twitch split the category down depending on the streamer's activity. "Just Chatting" to the audience has taken the lion's share of the IRL space with just under 87% of the category's viewership. The closest competitor is ASMR with just 4.9%.

Whatever you think of streaming in general and Twitch or Fortnite in particular, these latest shifting trends will surely inform the state of the industry in the coming months and years.

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