German Game Stores Giving Away Fallout 76 Free With Used Controllers

By NicoleRenee00,
According to multiple Reddit threads that have recently surfaced online, GameStop has a special promotion for those who reside in Germany. Buy a used PS4 controller, and you'll receive a free, brand new copy of Fallout 76 along with it.

Fallout 76 Promotional itemGratis, meaning "Free"

Though the official advertisement stated the offer is for PS4 controllers specifically, other sources have clarified this deal is extended to Xbox One controllers as well. The same offer has also been rumored to be available in both Austria and Switzerland, though we don't have any conformation of this as of now.

It's not the strangest promotion to exist, but it does raise the question of why GameStop would choose the recent Fallout title of all games to give away. The obvious conclusion is that there's likely still plenty of them stock, especially when considering the enormous amount of bugs, exploits, and failed marketing ploys it's had since launching in 2018. GameStop doesn't appear to be the only retailer looking to get rid of their unsold copies either, with stores such as Saturn running their own Fallout 76 promotions as well. Combine that with multiple discounted prices just weeks after releasing both physically and digitally, and it doesn't look too good for Bethesda.

Still, a free game is a free game, right? We'll let you decide that on your own.

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