Publisher Bigben Buys into Bee Simulator Buzz

By Dave Horobin, 18 days ago
When Bee Simulator was announced in August of last year by Varsav Games Studios, it generated quite the buzz from fans. So much so, that the Warsaw-based developer decided to delay the PC release of the game to implement some of the new features and modes that were suggested in response to the announcement trailer.


Since going into hibernation in September, the team at Varsav has been working like busy bees to bring all of the new features to the title, as well as searching for a publishing partner to help take Bee Simulator to a "whole new level." Today, they have announced that their search is over, with Bigben joining the swarm to help bring the game to both PC and consoles at the end of this year as both a physical and digital release.

Lukasz Rosinski, Founder and Joint-CEO of VARSAV Game Studios, had this to say:

It’s a great pleasure to have such an experienced partner like BIGBEN as a publisher for our upcoming Bee Simulator game. As a unique mix of action game with elements of simulation, and definitely with an educational mission, we deeply believe that Bee Simulator has great potential. Potential not only to give players huge amounts of fun and entertainment from being a bee, but also by increasing their knowledge of the nature that surrounds them, and maybe even change their work-life-nature balance. We believe that the global marketing and sales campaign of Bee Simulator in cooperation with BIGBEN will build a strong awareness of all the unique aspects of the game.
Benoît Clerc, Head of Publishing at Bigben, was also un-bee-lievably excited to reveal the new partnership:

It’s a real pleasure to work with Varsav Game Studio on this game. The passion of those guys who have worked for years to make this innovative title accessible to everyone is something that really made us enthusiastic. As a major player in the AA video games publishing industry, we really wanted to be part of creative projects that offer unique experiences to all players, whether they are young or adult, and that’s exactly what Bee Simulator is about.
Bee Simulator is scheduled to fly onto the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Bee Simulator achievements.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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