Realm Royale Achievements Bugged by Latest Patch

By Rebecca Smith, 14 days ago
Last week, Realm Royale received a hotfix that fixed a few minor bugs in the game in preparation for their upcoming OB15 content update. The problem is it seems to have introduced some bugs of its own, namely with unlocking some of the game's achievements. Players have reported issues where they've met the requirements for the following achievements, but none of them have been unlocking since the patch:

Realm Royale20-PieceThe 20-Piece achievement in Realm Royale worth 115 pointsCollect Armor Potions 20 Times.

Realm RoyaleRealm RoyaltyThe Realm Royalty achievement in Realm Royale worth 93 pointsGet a Crown Royale.

Realm RoyaleKnife Edge Death MatchThe Knife Edge Death Match achievement in Realm Royale worth 114 pointsEliminate an enemy player with your dagger.

Realm RoyaleJack of All TradesThe Jack of All Trades achievement in Realm Royale worth 164 pointsGet a Crown Royale with 3 different classes.

Realm RoyaleRoyale MasterThe Royale Master achievement in Realm Royale worth 408 pointsGet 10 Crown Royales

Realm RoyaleDecimationThe Decimation achievement in Realm Royale worth 476 pointsEliminate more than 10 players in a single match.

Realm RoyaleAbsolute UnitThe Absolute Unit achievement in Realm Royale worth 260 pointsWin a match as a team of 4 without losing a single player.

The hotfix itself introduced a handful of fixes for the game. You can see those below:

  • Fixed an issue where players could not receive progress on the "Forge 10 Items" Quest
  • Fixed an issue where Keybinds would revert to Default after closing the client on Console and PC.
  • The Burst Rifle has been added to the Standard Weapons Loot Table and will drop at all rarities.
    • "The Burst Rifle fires 3 shots at a time dealing moderate damage and is effective at medium to long range."
Players will be hoping the achievements are fixed with the arrival of update OB 15, due to arrive soon. The patch will add catapults, a new Light Machine Gun weapon, and update a couple of Forges, as well as making a host of gameplay improvements and bug fixes. You can see the full patch notes here, or watch the Hi-Rez team discuss the changes in the Live Show VOD originally shown last weekend.

We've reached out to Hi-Rez for a comment about the broken achievements and will update the story upon their response.

We've got the full list of Realm Royale achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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