Monster Hunter: World Sales Boost Capcom To Record-Breaking Profits

By Sam Quirke, 11 days ago
Remember when Capcom were struggling so much that there was a concern they might disappear completely? It's certainly a distant memory now, with the company announcing record profits twice last year.

Monster Hunter is the lead cause of success, thanks to continuous content updates.Monster Hunter is the lead cause of success, thanks to continuous content updates.

In the latest Capcom financial press release, the company revealed that the third financial quarter continued record-breaking trends from the second quarter, meaning that the nine months up to December 2018 were the most profitable months in company history.

Monster Hunter: World is listed as a key component of success, continuing to surpass sales expectations well beyond release to reach 10 million units shipped in total — another record for Capcom in itself. The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and Mega Man 11 also performed very well.

With Resident Evil 2 already proving to be a critical and commercial hit, Devil May Cry 5 just around the corner and a substantial Monster Hunter expansion to come in the autumn, it seems likely that Capcom is due for another great year ahead.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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