The Division 2: Hands On with High-Level Agents in the End Game

By Ashley Woodcock, 9 days ago
After a taste of the campaign and open world during my time at the Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Paris preview event, it was time to get to grips with the game's end game as I and three other agents attempted two preview-exclusive missions. We were all set up with level 30 agents who were rocking high-end weapons and gear, upgraded skills, and we each had a specialized weapon to use too.

The all-star team consisted of Eion Ronayne from, Baz from GeekIreland, Tom from Eurogamer, and yours truly representing TrueAchievements. We all got to choose which specialization we wanted to use. I chose Demolition to start with for some heavy-hitting, explosive action. I was equipped with a shotgun and an assault rifle for my two main weapons, a grenade launcher for my specialized weapon, and my two skills consisted of a grenade launching turret, and an airburst-style seeker mine. The specialized grenade launcher came with limited ammo but I could refill on grenades if dead enemies dropped the ammo I needed.

The two missions we got to check out took place in a federal emergency bunker and a space museum, two starkly different settings as you can imagine. Like I mentioned in my previous story, the visual upgrades are apparent and the game is gorgeous. When the enemies spawned however, it was time to stop taking in the sights and really put our head together and focus. Even with our powerful agents, the enemies were really making short work of our armour and health and the combat throughout was heavy and hectic.

The elite enemies (with gold health and armour) and veteran enemies (purple health and armour), aren't just simply tougher versions of the lower-level enemies. Certain enemies will have their own skills which include the likes of being able to boost their health, deploy UAVs, suicide drones and EMPs. The enemies weren't just human however. We all got a bit of a shock when various robot enemies spawned. There was a funky kind of robot on wheels which kind of reminded me of a wartime Wall-E, a dog type robot, and a tank-style robot. Each one came with powerful weaponry and more than enough health to try and deplete.

Amidst all of the chaos, we had our own arsenal of weapons and gadgets to play with but the most noticeable were the newly added specialised weapons. In the first mission, I had the grenade launcher which dealt heavy radius damage. In the second mission, I opted for the Sharpshooter class and got hands on with a 50. cal sniper that could collateral enemies when the shot was lined up correctly. My skills did take some getting used to though as they have changed slightly from Tom Clancy's The Division. The explosive turret for example, needed to be placed, then manually aimed, then fired to use. This was great for precision shots but not so good for when all hell is breaking loose around you and your team, and you can't get the turret to fire quickly enough or your aiming point isn't valid.

Checkpoints and respawns were very kind throughout the mission as we did fail a couple of times on each mission. If an agent went down, the downed agent could "stem" their bleeding and keep themselves alive for longer until they were revived. There was also the option to "call out" for help if your teammates were too caught up in the action and not giving you the attention you deserve. Upon losing all blood, the agent would go unconscious and could still be revived but it would take longer to get back up. If the agent died, they'd be out of the game and would respawn in roughly 30 seconds unless all players went down, in which everyone would start from the last checkpoint.

These end game missions were quite difficult but highly rewarding once we finally made it to the end of each one. We only got a taste of two missions from the end game but of course, there will be plenty of activities, side missions, main missions, Dark Zone, and a whole lot more to keep on playing as the most-dedicated agents will put in the time and effort to get their hands on the best of the best items.

The Division 2 will be releasing on the Xbox One on March 15th. The private beta is ongoing through the weekend.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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