World Enduro Rally Pulls Global Leaderboard Achievements After Player Vote

By Sam Quirke,
UPDATE: The developers have now confirmed that due to overwhelming results in the poll, the global leaderboard achievements will be pulled. Hooray! (Thanks, Yummy Baklava.)

Original Story:

World Enduro Rally is making a little bit of press in the achievement hunting community thanks to the existence of global leaderboard achievements, which require highly unlikely leaderboard placements. Due to feedback, the developers have decided to put the issue to a vote. They plan to add local achievements into the game from next week, but they want to know whether the community would prefer all leaderboard achievements to have local requirements only. In other words, instead of having to be the best in the entire world to earn an achievement you just need to reach the top of a local one.

Game guide guru Patrick Maka (Maka91) has echoed the thoughts of a lot of the achievement hunting community:

Generally speaking, global leaderboard achievements are always a headache. While there is an argument that the best players should be rewarded for being at the top and that achievements are a way to do that, such practices ignore the meta-game of achievement hunting. Worse, there have been lots of examples of players using various means to sit at the top of a game's leaderboards indefinitely, effectively rendering the achievement unobtainable. If this is a subject you care about — or if you plan on ever finishing the World Enduro Rally list — you should click through to the Facebook page in the developer's tweet above and cast your vote.

Either way, the final three achievements of the game, which are currently unobtainable, should go live at some point next week.

We've got the full list of World Enduro Rally achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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