Warface Developers To Split From Crytek And Become Blackwood Studios

By James Kearle, 10 days ago
Warface has encountered a difficult existence since its inception. Initially released as a port onto the Xbox 360 back in April 2014, Warface fell victim to a lukewarm critical reception and the ongoing financial difficulties of its developers, Crytek. With its console servers being discontinued just 10 months later, the free to play action title seemingly became another casualty of the increasingly competitive multi-player shooter genre. However, after its unexpected console revival last year, Warface's development team have now confirmed that they will be leaving Crytek in order to secure the game's longevity, and will form their own independent company, Blackwood Games.


The Warface team confirmed via their website that under the stewardship of Creative Director, Michael Khaimzon, Blackwood Games will herein inherit all responsibility for Warface and currently unreleased updates. Khaimzon comments that the mutually agreed change was necessary to ensure that the game always "lives up to player's expectation", with Crytek CEO, Avni Yerli, adding that the new arrangement leaves Crytek with the heightened ability to focus on their "own core IPs and long-term plans".


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James Kearle
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