Gameplay Stats Show Titanfall 2 Is Getting a Boost From Apex Legends

By Sam Quirke,
Despite being launched in 2016 Titanfall 2 has seen a resurgence of gameplay traffic since the release of Apex Legends. Is this the result of hype for Respawn's new title, or a form of protest because Titanfall 3 isn't in the works?

Since a player on Reddit discovered that Titanfall 2's concurrent players had topped 10,000 this week, we decided to run the 2016 title through our own Xbox gameplay stats. The results are pretty conclusive.


The above graph shows the relative position of Titanfall 2 in our exclusive chart over the last few weeks. Our chart (explained here) ranks the week's top games according to the number of Xbox players playing it. As you can see, Titanfall 2 had been bottoming out for some time around ranks 60 - 70 in the top 100. Yet since February 4th — the date that Apex Legends released — Titanfall 2 has skyrocketed, reaching position 37 in the top 100 Xbox games played.

The same is true for achievement unlocks — we have seen that the amount of unlocks per day since February 4th is double the daily average in January.

Titanfall's deep discounts in the last few weeks and months will have certainly helped, as will the fairly consistent campaign across social media with Titanfall fans reminding new Apex Legends players to support the older title if they like the Battle Royale game for its combat and polish.

Suffice to say, the continued success of Apex and this renewed interest in Titanfall as a whole will hopefully convince EA that further full-scale Titanfall titles are worth the investment.

You can see last week's movers and shakers in the full Xbox Gameplay Chart for this week, where Apex Legends has unsurprisingly smashed the competition.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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