Cross-Play, Cross-Progression, Merlin and More Arrive in SMITE Season 6

By Kelly Packard,
SMITE's Season 6 patch is live, and it's arguably the third-person MOBA's most ambitious start to a season yet. The patch finally brings live long-awaited features announced at the 2018 Hi-Rez Expo like cross-play and cross-progression, which allows players from Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC to join matches together and share their progress across the three platforms.

Also here is Merlin, the newest playable character. Merlin joins second-to-newest god King Arthur in the Arthurian pantheon. The mage shows off his mastery of the spells and the elements by switching between three stances: arcane, fire and ice.

With Season 6, Hi-Rez has ditched SMITE's long-running season ticket in lieu of a battle pass, which has been popular in games like Fortnite. Players can purchase the pass several times per year, completing quests and leveling up their pass to earn rewards like skins and other cosmetic items, gems and chests along the way.

With it being the start to a new season, the changes to item and god balance, map design and more is much heavier than in regular patches, so catch up with the full notes if you like to stay current on meta changes.

Lastly, watchful achievement hunters will notice four new achievements have gone live with the update. There are two for Merlin and two for King Arthur:

SMITETrue StrikeThe True Strike achievement in SMITE worth 50 pointsUnlock the SMITE Award "True Strike."

SMITEThe Legend of ExcaliburThe The Legend of Excalibur achievement in SMITE worth 114 pointsUnlock the SMITE Award "The Legend of Excalibur."

SMITEElemental MasteryThe Elemental Mastery achievement in SMITE worth 56 pointsUnlock the Smite Award "Elemental Mastery."

SMITEInfused with PowerThe Infused with Power achievement in SMITE worth 76 pointsUnlock the Smite Award "Infused with Power,"

The Season 6 patch is live now for SMITE on all platforms.

We've got the full list of SMITE achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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