Adaptive Controller Advert Star Has His Own Reviews Channel

By Rebecca Smith, 4 days ago
The Xbox Adaptive Controller has undoubtedly changed gaming for a lot of people. The controller's Super Bowl ad revealed how the controller had enabled a group of young gamers to play games to a higher level than they could with a controller that didn't suit their needs. One of those players was Owen Sirmons, a young boy for whom the Xbox Adaptive Controller meant he could overcome issues presented by Escobar syndrome. It seems like Owen isn't happy to just star in a commercial in front of millions of people, because he's been on Youtube for three years reviewing his favourite games and most recently, these have been Xbox games, of course.

UPDATE: The combination of the Super Bowl ad and a recent surge of interest on Reddit has pushed Owen's subscriber count significantly. He released a thank you video for 5,000 subscribers a day ago — he may have to make another, as he's well on his way to 15,000 at the time of writing.

If you'd like to help Owen reach 15,000 followers, you can subscribe to his Youtube channel.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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