Treasure Stack Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 1 month ago
We have just picked up the Treasure Stack Achievement List.

There are 36 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret

Treasure Stack Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Skeleton key! Use the rainbow key power-up 50 times 10
Cleaver! Use the sword power-up 50 times 10
Technicolor Dream Key! Use a rainbow key to match three different colored chest blocks simultaneously 25
Water Dancer! (Solo Play) Use the sword power up to destroy 100 blocks in a single game 25
Holy hand grenade! Use the bomb power-up 50 times 10
Black Power Brute! Use the bomb power-up to destroy 5 or more blocks in a single explosion 25
Look out below! Use the anvil power-up 50 times 10
Blacksmith! (Solo Play) Use the anvil power up to destroy 100 blocks in a single game 25
Powered-Up! Use all in-game power-ups once 10
Combo Fiend! Attain a max combo multiplier 10
Combo Freak! (Solo Play) Sustain a max combo multiplier for 60-seconds or more 25
Garbage Disposal! Destroy an active demon rune 10
Landfill! Destroy 100 queued demon runes before they spawn 25
Key Master! (Solo Play) Match a key and chest of the same color to score points 100 times 5
Stack-Ums! Match a key to a group of 5, or more, chests of the same color 25
Loot Em’ Up! (Solo Play) Earn your first loot chest 10
Loot Baron! (Solo Play) Earn 25 loot chests 25
Loot King! (Solo Play) Earn 50 loot chests 50
Lucky roll! (Solo Play) Unlock a Rare character skin 20
Four leaf clover! (Solo Play) Unlock a Legendary character skin 25
Split Personalities! (Solo Play) Unlock 10 new characters 15
Gotta stack em' all! (Solo Play) Unlock 50 new characters 100
Card Collector! View your character and grapple collection 5
Bookkeeper! (Solo Play) Achieve a total score of 500, or more, in Challenge Mode 25
Treasurer! (Solo Play) Achieve a total score of 1000, or more, in Challenge Mode 50
Master of coin! (Solo Play) Achieve a total score of 2000, or more, in Challenge Mode 100
Last one standing! Play a Local Party match with 4 players 10
Contender! Play 25 matches in Local Party mode 25
Highlander! Play 50 matches in Local Party mode 100
Rival! Compete in 10 Online Play matches 5
Frenemies! Challenge a friend to a private match in Online Play 10
Victory! Win a match in Online Play 25
Superior! Win 25 matches in Online Play 50
Stackweight Championship! (season matchmak Win 10 consecutive matches in Online Play 25
Lustrous! (season matchmaking) Achieve Silver Tier ranking in Online Play 25
All that glitters! (season matchmaking) Achieve Gold Tier ranking in Online Play 50
Catering to solo and multiplayer puzzle fans, Treasure Stack features a wide variety of modes, whether you're testing your skills in Solo Play, partying up with friends in 4-Player Local Party, or taking on the rest of the world in Online Play.
Treasure Stack is developed by Pixelakes and published by PIXELAKES LLC.
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