Far Cry New Dawn: Where to Find Ethanol

By Dave Horobin, 1 month ago
Far Cry New Dawn, the latest iteration of Ubisoft's open-world Far Cry series releases today. In the game, you'll quickly discover that getting your hands on ethanol is going to play a major role in how well equipped you are to take on the twin sisters, Mickey and Lou, and the rest of the Highwaymen.

You'll need ethanol to upgrade your base called Prosperity which will, in turn, allow you to create better weapons and vehicles, unlock new skills and grant access to side missions. So now we know why ethanol is so important, we need to answer the burning question: What are the quickest ways to find ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry New Dawn

There are four ways to collect ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn: Liberating Outposts, scavenging outposts, stealing ethanol tankers and looting Highwaymen supply drops.

Ethanol From Liberating and Scavenging Outposts

The fastest way to obtain ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn is to capture enemy Outposts. There are 10 Outposts in total, and liberating them will grant you anything from 100 to 450 ethanol. You can quickly spot enemy Outposts in the world by the black smoke pouring from them. When you capture the Outpost, you'll be rewarded with ethanol, plus a bonus ethanol reward if you manage to do the whole thing in stealth. Once you've liberated the Outpost, you can Scavenge it at the newly acquired workbench for a small bonus of 50-150 ethanol. Doing so will turn control of the Outpost back over to the enemy and will raise its difficulty up to a max level of three. The higher the difficulty, the more reward you'll receive for liberating an Outpost, although with the opportunity for bigger rewards comes a tougher challenge, with higher-ranked guards and more alarms for you to be aware of.

Ethanol From Ethanol Tankers

Despite being so important, the Highwaymen somehow feel the need to drive tankers full of the stuff all over the map. Once you have a liberated Outpost under your control, hang around on the roads nearby for a few minutes until one drives by. You'll notice them straight away since the have ETHANOL written on the side. When you see one, take out the driver and any other enemies in the area — be careful, ethanol will explode — and then hijack the truck and deliver it to the Outpost. Each time you do, you'll get a handy 75 ethanol reward.

Ethanol From Highwaymen Supply Drops

When you're out in the wilderness, you'll regularly encounter Highwaymen supply drops being dropped from aeroplanes. You'll notice them by the yellow smoke spilling into the air and the handy notification on screen that one is nearby. When you find one, take out any Highwaymen that are protecting it and loot it for 30-50 ethanol. If you get to it very quickly, you can even loot it and escape the area before the Highwaymen even show up.

Now that you know all about the best places to find ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn, be sure to check out our review to find out about everything else the game has to offer.

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