In case you missed it in our Crackdown 3 review, we wanted to alert you to how the game's advantageous co-op achievement hunting works. When you begin a co-op game, one person acts as host and can elect to bring their partner into their saved world state or start a new one. Regardless of what you choose here, any progress made in the host's world affects the achievement tracker progress on Xbox Live for both players.

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This means cumulative achievements such as capturing all propaganda towers will unlock for both players in a game even if only one of them has actually performed the task. This was discovered when I was playing co-op and finally scaled the last of twelve propaganda towers. My co-op partner hadn't been present for the other 11 but still earned the achievement simultaneously with me. I noticed when I increased my 100% world completion from 96% to 97%, his also went up — from 2% to 97%! Just joining a co-op world won't increase the progress, but if you are present for your partner's progress or vice versa, you'll both reap the same reward.

With this sort of system, one very generous player could be on the precipice of unlocking several achievements, invite a friend, and take them on a gamerscore tour in rapid succession. Alternatively, both players could focus on different tasks within Crackdown 3's open world and it will feel like you're in two places at once.

Note: this won't work for the 1,000 orbs or some other objectives like stunt rings and races, but regarding the takedown of TerraNova, you can get it all done in half the time with good use of your time and a good co-op partner. Thanks to The Allslayer for this clarification.

Will you be taking advantage of this generous system in Crackdown 3?

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