Rainbow Six Siege Gets Year 4 Roadmap

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
When Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege was released back in 2015, Ubisoft made it clear that rather than releasing a new instalment in the franchise within a short time frame, instead they'd be supporting the game with new content over several years. Year 4 is about to begin with Operation Burnt Horizon, and to show players what they can expect over the next 12 months, the developer has revealed the Year 4 roadmap with upcoming content and gameplay improvements.

Year 4 Roadmap

Like previous years, the Year 4 content is split into four seasons. Operation Burnt Horizon will be Season One and will bring two new operators and a new map from Australia. The first of those two new Operators is Gridlock. She's an Attacker with a rather scary looking gadget called Trax Stingers. Once one is thrown on the floor, it deploys web-shaped spike clusters in a radial pattern outwards. They're really effective against Defenders, who take damage, reduce speed, and make a lot of noise in the process. They're not as effective against Attackers, who can shoot, blow up or even punch the spikes easily, although this also creates a lot of noise. Still, she's also got an F90 assault rifle and a M249 LMG to deal with those.

The second new Operator is Mozzie, a Defender. He comes with a Pest Launcher that allows him to steal the opposing team's drones, including Twitch drones. He can do this by directly launching the Pest onto the drone, or by attaching it to a surface and hoping a drone floats by. Each Pest can hack a single drone, and once it's under Mozzie's control, he can drive it, jump it, deploy shock charges, or tag enemies. The drones can't be picked up, though, nor can they be driven outside for longer than a few seconds, otherwise signal is lost. Drones can't be reclaimed by the enemy, although using a Dokkaebi hack will at least allow them to see the camera feed again. When not controlling drones, Mozzie also has a P10 Roni automatic pisto and a Commando 9 assault rifle for dispatching enemies.

We'd already seen the new Outback map in action, but to get some tips and tricks on both the map and the new operators, check out the starter tips trailer below:

Season Two will bring new Operators from Denmark and the United States Secret Service. The Kafe map will also be reworked to give it a larger top floor. This means the staircase will be changed in the Restaurant on the first floor, while the map's skylight will also be partially blocked. In terms of objectives, the current bomb site in the Bakery/Kitchen will be moved so that it's sited entirely within the Kitchen. A new objective will also be added.

Season Three will bring new Operators from Peru and Mexico. The Kanal map will be the one to be reworked this time, although there won't be as many changes as in Kafe. Two new connectors will be added, including a tunnel, while the layout of the map will be generally improved.

Finally, Season Four will introduce Operators from Kenya and India. The existing Theme Park map will be streamlined too, meaning the layout of the bottom floor will be simplified, and changes will be made to the Train Room and double staircase. They'll also be making some lighting adjustments to the map.

Throughout the year, there will also be in-game events every season, as well as balancing changes to Operators, attempts to improve player behaviour, and changes to playlists. For more details on each of these, you can see the Year 4 reveal in full in the Six Invitational 2019 panel, or you can see a brief summary of the main points in the reddit megathread. The developer explains their intentions in more detail in the developer diary below.

Finally, we got a brief glimpse at new DLC arriving on March 6th. The "Hibana's Elite set" will include the Onkochishin uniform and victory animation for the Operator, as well as a skin for her X-Kairos gadget. There will be skins for the Type-89, SUPERNOVA, P229, and BEARING 9 weapons, and a Elite Hibana Chibi charm to add a bit of bling to a weapon.

Operation Burnt Horizon has been introduced onto the PC PTS servers today, February 18th. We don't yet have an arrival date for consoles. However, when it does arrive, all players will gain immediate access to the new map. Those who have purchased the Year 4 Pass will get immediate access to the new Operators too, while everybody else will have to wait an extra week before being able to unlock them using in-game currency.

We've got the full list of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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