Free Crackdown 3 Bonus Pack Tides Players Over Until Next Update

By Rebecca Smith,
Sumo Digital is perfectly aware that they have things that need fixing for Crackdown 3: Campaign and Wrecking Zone. While the team wishes to assure players they're diligently working on these issues, they've released a free "Bonus Pack" DLC for players to tide them over until the updates appear.

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The free "Bonus Pack" includes the Quackhammer weapon, Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit, and the Linebacker vehicle. Once you have installed the DLC, you'll need to complete the following actions to find the goodies:

  • To look Boom-tastic in Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit: Create a new Agent or head to a Supply Point with an existing Agent, choose Agent Jaxon on the Agent selection screen, and then use the toggle to switch between regular and Commander Jaxon.
  • To drive in style with the Linebacker vehicle: Get to a Supply Point with a vehicle pad and select the Linebacker from your available inventory.
  • To equip the Quackhammer: Access any Supply Point, open the Loadout screen, scroll to the very bottom of the left hand column and select the Quackhammer.
Crackdown 3 Bonus Pack

Crackdown 3 Bonus Pack

Quackhammer Launcher – Take a BOOM out of crime with this multi-rocket launcher that puts the QUACK in attack with exploding ducks instead of rockets.

Commander Jaxon Ultimate Suit - Boost the rate you earn Strength and Explosives XP by 10% with Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit upgrade.

Linebacker Vehicle – Smash through or roll over smaller vehicles with the Linebacker. This heavily-armored Agency truck also has a machine gun turret for added firepower.

As for those updates, one of the top priorities for the game is Xbox Live Party support for Wrecking Zone. To accelerate the process of getting this in the game, the team has even sent developers to consult with the Xbox engineers at Elbow Rock. It's currently estimated to be 2-3 weeks before these are available.

The way campaign co-op save files work has been tweaked. Not only has the bug been fixed for players who leave and rejoin the game, players will now be required to pick a separate save file slot for their co-op campaign so there's no chance of overwriting any single-player progress. This change will be arriving alongside over 30 other bug fixes and improvements no later than February 25th.

The developer is also working on campaign co-op functionality on PC, especially with unlocking the framerate to allow the game to run at higher than 30fps. Because of networking issues this is throwing up, the feature is currently in a test phase and will take a bit longer to be implemented.

As soon as any of these fixes appear, we'll be sure to let you know. However, the "Bonus Pack" is available for all players now for free.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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