Paradox Interactive Partners With Microsoft To Bring Mods To Xbox One

By Andy Mills, 27 days ago
A year ago, Paradox Interactive helped to bring mods to the Xbox One version of Cities: Skylines. Now almost a year to the day from that announcement, the publisher have revealed that they have teamed up with Microsoft to create "Paradox Mods", a platform that will allow for mods on both PC and Xbox One, as well as keyboard and mouse support for Surviving Mars on Xbox One.

Paradox Mods

For both players and modders, Paradox Mods is looking to make the process as simple as possible. At the modders end, Paradox Mods will have in-game and web interfaces that should make distribution of mods easier with modders only having to submit their creation once and it will be made available on both platforms with no extra effort required on that part of the modder. On the player's end — after creating a Paradox account — they can open the mod manager at a game's title screen, browse the catalogue, select mods they want and the game will automatically download and add them to the player's game. Players can get a quick glimpse at that process, as well as a look at the keyboard and mouse support, in a minute long video below.

While Surviving Mars is the only title to be supported on Xbox One at the moment with over thirty mods tested and ready for players to use, Paradox have announced support for other titles coming later this year and the Paradox Mods website suggests that Cities: Skylines and the soon-to-be released Stellaris: Console Edition will be amongst them.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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