Rainbow Six Siege CGI Trailer Teases Upcoming Operators and Gadgets

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
Over the weekend, Ubisoft Montreal revealed their Year 4 plan for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The plan includes new Operators from seven countries, as well as map reworks, events, and a range of balancing updates throughout the year. At the same time as they revealed the plan, they unveiled a CGI trailer titled The Hammer and the Scalpel, showing conflict and back story behind some of the existing Operators. The exciting thing about the trailer was that it showed a notice board with detailed notes on future Rainbow Six operations, and fans have been pouring over a still image taken from that trailer to glean some hints on potential upcoming content.

Year 4 teaser

Season Two is due to include new Operators from the US and Denmark. One of the things players have spotted is a note about a discussion with Vigil regarding an operator called Dane. Nearby on the Attacker side of the board is a photo of an Operator whose face is obscured by a post-it note, and the photo is accompanied by a brief description of that person's attributes. The person is calculative, an expert in covert reconnaissance and stealth tactics, and has an ability to blend and adapt into the environment. All of this is believed to be about the upcoming Danish operator.

Eagle-eyed players have also noticed mentions of new gadgets to the left of the board. There's a Proximity Alarm listed under Electronical Gadgets on a blurprint, while there's also a detailed guide for the use of a Tower Shield that is fairly large in size and cannot be used to obstruct doorways or windows. The shield has wings that can be extended or retracted at the push of a button, and bullet-proof glass to allow players to observe enemies without leaving cover.

Ubisoft has since released a high definition version of the above image that can be seen here. Is there anything else in the image you think we missed?

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