World Enduro Rally Achievements Fixed After Patch

By Nicole René, 1 month ago
Players of World Enduro Rally might have noticed that there are a few broken achievements in the new racing title. When the game launched in early February, three achievements were dubbed unobtainable, all of them relating to the World Championship. Thankfully, the one-man team at GraphicDNA recently unveiled two new patches, one of which fixes the issue entirely. With all of the achievements now being locally based as well, the enduro racing title is now completable.

This means that, if you haven't finished the game as of now, there are three achievements to earn. It's also worth noting that qualifying for the gold tier achievement will automatically unlock the others, unlike previously. A new bike has also been added to the game:

World Enduro RallyChampionship 3rdThe Championship 3rd achievement in World Enduro Rally worth 61 pointsChampionship 3rd

World Enduro RallyChampionship 2ndThe Championship 2nd achievement in World Enduro Rally worth 154 pointsChampionship 2nd

World Enduro RallyChampionship 1stThe Championship 1st achievement in World Enduro Rally worth 309 pointsChampionship 1st

Both of the latest patches are now live. Note that, as the tweet indicated, all leaderboards have also been reset. With the game being a relatively cheap price, achievement hunters might want to add the title to their list in the future.

We've got the full list of World Enduro Rally achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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Written by Nicole René
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