The Best Xbox One Sports Games Available in 2019

By Dave Horobin,
With a continuous stream of new sports games releasing on the Xbox One every year from some of the industries biggest publishers, there's no shortage of sports titles to take you as close the action as possible from the comfort of your armchair. From golf to the gridiron, from motor racing to MMA — there is a huge range of titles available for sports fans to choose from.

To help you decide which ones are worthy of your time, we've used a combination of site review scores and your community ratings to put together a list of the best Xbox One sports games available in 2019.

F1 2018

F1 2018

F1 2018 is the best game in the series we've seen in this console generation. It is just about as complete an F1 experience as it can get without going into the realm of full-blown simulation both from the action and management side. The extra depth added by contracts, rivalries, media and team management may not be for those who just want to race, but diehard fans of the sport who follow the headlines day in and day out will have a sense that they are really being involved in a virtual version of the sport. Racing remains the core of the game and Codemasters has continued to make this accessible to all players regardless of their racing proficiency. Like all of the other parts of the title, it has been tweaked, improved and is more engaging than ever. This year's entry may not have quite the same wow factor as 2017's game, but it doesn't need to. It quietly and in an understated way surpasses its predecessor quite brilliantly.

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NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 takes the fun foundation of the first game and improves on it in nearly every way. With subtle touches to the on-court gameplay, better and more numerous game modes, and an addicting player upgrade loop, it's a tough game to put down. The noticeably slower player unlocks are annoying, but given that the only purchasable player pack is a one-time full roster unlock it doesn't end up seeming so predatory. For basketball fans that don't always want the true-to-life simulation of the mainline 2K series, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is a slam dunk.

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NBA 2K19

Giannis Cover

NBA 2K19 continues the series' decade-long trajectory of becoming the very best sports sim in the world. That's certainly still true on the court thanks to improved gameplay mechanics that fix trouble spots, a genuinely interesting and well-written story mode, and quality of life additions across the board. Sadly, the series still feels like something less than it should be thanks to predatory and invasive pay-to-win tactics that make their shameful return. Hopefully the day will come when this player base revolts and gets the in-game purchases reduced to cosmetics. For at least another season, what should consistently be one of the year's greatest games ends up being only very good and comes with one major caveat. It's fitting that the year Lebron is on the cover of the Anniversary Edition that 2K is still king, but you may have to pay a king's ransom to compete.

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Newcomers to the series will still find a steep learning curve getting to grips with racing on two wheels instead of four. However, those returning to the game will find it very familiar. For those playing at a casual level, it may be a little too familiar as outside of the new Pro physics there seems to be little additional content. Veterans and hardcore players will certainly benefit the most, with Milestone striving to fulfil fans' wishes by increasing the level of simulation in the title. Racing remains as engaging and as thrilling as ever, perhaps more so due to the added realism. Manoeuvring the bikes over loose surfaces and dynamically changing tracks at speed remains a nerve-wracking experience. This is Milestone's best MXGP title to date, improving the graphics, improving the physics, the handling, and the realism, all whilst keeping the title accessible to players of all levels.

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Rocket League

Rocket League

It might have taken a while for Rocket League to appear on the Xbox One, but the wait was worth it. The simplistic design of the game makes it extremely easy to pick up and play for newcomers, while at the same time allowing players to develop their skill and understanding of the game through practice. There is an issue with the game occasionally locking up, but that shouldn’t detract from the enjoyment and excitement that the game provides on a far more often basis. If you've already played the game extensively on other platforms prior to its launch on the Xbox One then there's nothing new on offer. For anyone that hasn’t tried Rocket League yet, it’s an absolute masterpiece of a multiplayer game that really has to be experienced to be truly understood.

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WRC 7 - Epic Stage Reveal

WRC 7 is racing for the sake of racing. In its purest form, it is full to the brim with exciting tracks across a huge variety of locations. The handling model fits as a sim-cade and it’s extremely fun, feeling rewarding while still offering up plenty of challenge even for veterans of the series. It does suffer from a completely forgettable career mode but at the end of the day, the game was never trying to be a rally career manager. It was trying to be a rally racing game and, in that, it has succeeded with flying colors. If you’re just looking to play in the dirt, WRC 7 is an excellent experience you’ll be glad to have played.

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Madden NFL 18


The question at the heart of a new sports game in an annualized series is twofold: What does it do for yearly players and what does it do for those who may have been away for a while? If you haven't played in a few years, this year's Madden makes for a good time to jump in with the most diverse game modes ever on offer. The premiere of the series' story mode is inconsistent with regards to both narrative and gameplay, but it has enough highlights to merit playing through and hoping for an improved sequel. MUT Squads is also a refreshing way to play provided you find yourself attached to growing an Ultimate Team. For returning players, and those especially focused on Connected Franchise, there isn't enough here to welcome you back. Updated rosters and small on-field tweaks are the things we get every year but what really makes or breaks an instalment of Madden are the big changes, which are up and down and ultimately make Madden 18 a solid starter but no Pro Bowler.

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MotoGP 18

Patch screen

MotoGP 18 is a clear step forward from its predecessor with the previously used proprietary engine already looking dated. However, it still feels like a transitional title as Milestone brings the UE4 engine to the franchise for the first time. The latest instalment reinforces the studio's strengths with the physics, handling, and racing remaining top notch but it also highlights Milestones continuing struggles with the visual presentation. Overall, fans of the sport should still find that it is worth taking the plunge, but with Kylotonn also venturing into the two-wheeled racing genre, it will be up to Milestone to bring more to next year's instalment.

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WWE 2K19


WWE 2K19 gets a few things right, namely bringing back Showcase mode and making it better than ever. For frequent players, 2K Towers is a fun new spin on exhibition matches too, but only Showcase is really enough to pull in fans on the fence about playing this year's instalment. It's hard to recommend those players buy into the complete package just for Showcase when so much else remains an issue after so many years. Things like commentary and in-ring sluggishness are simply not being addressed in the ways they should, and a new MyCareer storyline does little to draw in fans unless they're big fans of bad jokes. All in all, WWE 2K19 feels like a game in which annual players will find enough to enjoy, but anyone looking to make their way back into the ring is best to wait it out in the locker room for another year.

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The Golf Club 2019


If golf is your game, look no further than HB Studios' The Golf Club 2019. Following on from two solid but not spectacular releases earlier this generation, it was third time lucky for the studio when they managed to secure the license for the PGA Tour and pick up a new publisher in the shape of 2K — who know a thing about sports games themselves. With realistic and rewarding mechanics, an upgrade in graphics and an interesting career mode, The Gold Club 2019 is arguably the best representation of the sport that is currently available on the Xbox One.

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With the added glitz and glamour of the UEFA Champions League license secured, FIFA 19 feels like the most improved release in the series for a while and provides the best overall package for fans of the sport. It might not be up there in terms of authenticity with PES on the pitch, but the gap does appear to close with each passing year. With a level of presentation and detail that can’t be found anywhere else, FIFA 19 is easy to recommend to long-running fans of the series and is a solid jumping in point for people who might have skipped a few years.

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NHL 19

NHL 19

Sadly, EA doesn't have the same level of competition when it comes to ice hockey as it does in other sports, but thankfully NHL 19 is a solid game anyway. Filled with a massive amount of content, there's fun to be had in the game for every fan of the sport. Featuring some refined gameplay mechanics and beautiful presentation, NHL 19 might not be a massive leap forward from previous releases in the series, but it's still the best digital recreation of the sport on the Xbox One.

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With combat sports games now few and far between, EA Sports UFC 3 is a marginal standout from the solid base of the previous releases in the series. Featuring all of the polish and presentation that you'd expect from an EA Sports release, and packed with game modes, an improved career, and some gameplay tweaks and improvements, EA Sports UFC 3 is as close as you can get to the action of the Octagon without taking a fist or shin to the face.

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