ATLUS Wants to Know If You Want to See Xbox Ports of Their Games

By Rebecca Smith, 29 days ago
While ATLUS has a great track record of publishing to PlayStation and Nintendo platforms, Xbox players have missed out on the publisher's titles since the release of Xbox One. There's a possibility that may change in the future, though, as ATLUS is currently running a survey for players to state whether they'd want to see some of their most popular franchises, like Persona, Catherine, and Etrian Odyssey, on Xbox One.

Catherine: Full Body announcement

Players can take the survey here. Those who complete the survey in North America will also get the chance to be entered into a sweepstake to win a gift card for the ATLUS Online Store, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, or Microsoft Store. The full rules for the sweepstake can be found here.

It's the first time Xbox One has ever shown up in one of ATLUS' surveys, so if you do really want to see their games on the console, make sure to make your opinion known.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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