TA Playlist Game for March 2019 Announced

By Mark Delaney, 1 month ago
Our latest TA Playlist poll has now ended, which means it's time to reveal the winner of our March 2019 spotlight. Did we say spotlight? It's more like an interrogation lamp. Grab your notebooks and your favorite fedora, we're heading to Los Angeles for L.A. Noire.

Phelps letting Bekowsky be the bad cop as they give a suspect the third degree.

The Team Bondi/Rockstar crime drama first launched in 2011 on prior gen consoles. It has since been ported to Xbox One with some improvements and, as always, playing either version (or even the stackable Japanese version) will count toward your monthly participation in TA Playlist. Below you can find the final tally. It was very close for a while, but L.A. Noire pulled ahead eventually and never looked back.


Our month of crime fighting will begin on March 1st. Until then, you can still catch up on this month's game, OXENFREE, and join us in the TA Playlist Hub to discuss the supernatural indie.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark is a Boston native now living in Portland, Oregon. He's the Editorial Manager on TA, loves story-first games, and is the host of the community game club TA Playlist. Outside of games he likes biking, sci-fi, the NFL, and spending time with his family. He almost never writes in the third person.