Fortnite Teases Pirates for Season 8

By Rebecca Smith, 26 days ago
Season 8 is fast approaching in Fortnite. One of the things developer Epic Games loves to do is to tease players with upcoming content. Over the last few weeks, that's taken the form of earthquakes and cracks that are appearing throughout the world. Now they've gone a step further with a tweet that drops hints about pirates and buried treasure.

Current player speculation is that the world map will break up into smaller islands with players able to sail between them... or use the recently added driftboards. Players are also speculating that something will happen to the open area of the map at B4, potentially a tropical jungle area, after a cryptic answer from lead designer Eric Williamson in a reddit AMA.

The AMA also yielded some more definite answers in terms of content for season 8. The team is potentially looking at adding a new single-occupancy vehicle, and there are many fixes in place for audio issues. The team is also seriously considering a respawn mechanic but the idea needs further time to grow and for the developers to understand the impact it would have "on the game as a whole". You can read the full AMA here if you're interested.

UPDATE: The Fortnite Twitter account is continuing to leave cryptic teases, Sea of Thieves style:

Season 8 is due to be released in three days' time on February 28th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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