Xbox One Skip Ahead and Alpha Rings Get Improved Uninstall Options

By Rebecca Smith, 26 days ago
Xbox Insiders will be used to frequent updates by now, and yesterday's update for the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead introduces more features for players to test. In addition to the Mini Keyboard, reprogrammable Media Remote, and additional Console Restart buttons introduced last week, the update has added streamlined Xbox Game Pass Quests, Message Requests, and improved uninstall options.

Firstly, Microsoft has streamlined Xbox Game Pass Quests by allowing access to them from the dashboard. The quests can also be browsed in My Profile.

Message Requests is a new feature that will prioritise messages from friends and "anyone you want to communicate with". It separates out messages from people you don't know and puts them in a new message request tab.

Message Requests

Finally, the uninstall feature has been improved. When players tried to install a game when their HDD was full, the console used to take them to their Game Collection where they could choose what to remove. However, there was always guess work as to whether you'd managed to free up enough space for the new game. Now the new feature takes players to a page with suggestions for titles to remove, specifically those that will free up enough space for the new title. Once those games have been removed, it will also automatically start installing the new game.

The update also fixed some bugs, while Microsoft has also confirmed a list of known issues that they're currently trying to fix. You can see a full list of those here.

While not included in the patch notes, Forbes is also certain that Insiders received Dolby Atmos audio upmixing as part of the update too. This takes non-Dolby Atmos sound from films and games and emulates it into something resembling Dolby Atmos. You can read the full technical details here.

The latest Insider update, known as 1904, is available now to Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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