Stellaris: Console Edition Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 26 days ago
We have just picked up the Stellaris: Console Edition Achievement List.

There are 28 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret

Stellaris: Console Edition

Name Description Gamerscore
Brave New World Colonize a planet 5
Break On Through... Research a Rare technology 5
Explorer Survey one of each basic planet class 5
Mutual Understanding Successfully negotiate a trade deal 5
Domo Arigato Build a Robot Pop 5
Supremacy Win a War against another Empire 10
New Shining Star Upgrade your capital to an Imperial Complex 10
A Home Away From Home Conquer another species' homeworld 10
Building Better Worlds Terraform a planet 15
Faster, Stronger, Better Genetically alter a species (not uplift) 20
... To the Other Side Research 15 Rare technologies in a single game 20
What Came Before Find the home system of a Precursor Empire 20
Birth of a Federation Establish a Federation 30
Old Friends Receive a gift from a Fallen Empire 30
Clever Girl Uplift a species 30
Then Virgil, Now Beatrice Return a long-dead species to life 30
Battle Thralls Have 3 other Empires as vassals 50
Grand Admiral Have an Empire total fleet power of 100,000+ 50
Omnicultural Have your ruler be of a different species class than your founding species 50
Victorious Win the game through any victory condition 50
Planned Obsolescence As a materialist empire, have at least 75% pops be robotic with at least 200 pops. 50
Put A Ring On It Have a ringworld section as your capital 50
What Was Will Be Close the loop, or don't 80
Enlightened Times Enlighten a bronze age civilization 50
Very Open Borders As a xenophile Empire, have migration treaties with at least 5 other Empires 80
Queening Successfully capture an extragalactic matriarch 80
Peacekeeper As a pacifist Empire, have all other independent Empires be pacifist as well. 80
Deus Vult As a spiritualist Empire, own 4 holy worlds 80
Stellaris: Console Edition puts the complexity of the galaxy at your thumbsticks. Whether you’re exploring the unknown, discovering the mysteries of the universe, or conquering it for the glory of your empire, players have more inter-galactic strategy awaiting them than ever before.
Stellaris: Console Edition is developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive.

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