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By Oliver Wylde,
You may have already noticed the 'Clips' tab on your Gamer page changing to 'Captures' - this is a result of the fact that we are now pulling in your Screenshots from Microsoft along with your GameClips! No change is required on your end to enable this, and you should be able to see your Screenshots on the Captures tab already. In fact, we're already storing over 15 million of them!

Finding Your Screenshots

The new Captures listThe new Captures list

Upon navigating to the Captures tab on your Gamer page, you will be able to see the new list and filter settings. Here you can filter by Game, Capture Type and Date, as well as look at your friend's Screenshots.

Looking at a Screenshot

A typical ScreenshotA typical Screenshot

Much the same as with a GameClip, clicking on a Screenshot in the Captures list will take you to the Screenshot specific page where you can share, favourite and comment on that Screenshot. The filter on the Captures page can be used to see your most favourited or viewed Screenshots.

Requesting an Update

We pull in Screenshots at the same time as GameClips, so requesting an update using the right panel on the Captures page will refresh both types of capture.

Game User-Screenshots

Finally, you can view all the user-generated Screenshots we are storing for a specific game by navigating to the list from a new section at the bottom of the Game's Hub page.
Forza Horizon 4 ScreenshotsForza Horizon 4 Screenshots

The hub page will show the top four most viewed user Screenshots for the game.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality!
Oliver Wylde
Written by Oliver Wylde
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