Analysis: Metro Exodus Ranks Low on the Xbox Gameplay Chart, Despite Reviews

By Rebecca Smith,
Two weeks ago, Metro Exodus was released. Unlike Crackdown 3, which was released the same week and leapt up our Xbox Gameplay Chart, Metro Exodus debuted on at a lowly #32. While the game did then manage to increase its number of players to climb to #27 the following week, it's certainly had a much poorer performance than titles like Kingdom Hearts III or Resident Evil 2, but should 4A Games be concerned?

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When you look at the titles with which it was just compared, you'll notice some immediate differences. Crackdown 3 has reaped the benefits of being released on Xbox Game Pass. Meanwhile, the Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil franchises have significant tenures to help them along, the former being nearly 17 years old while the latter will be 23 next month. Metro, of course, has released two titles previously, but at just nine years old the franchise hasn't managed to build up the fanbase that follows the other two so fervently.

Another factor is the game's focus on a single-player experience. While the majority of community members on TA prefer a single-player campaign, the Xbox Gameplay Chart that focuses on the general Xbox population reflects a different trend. Multiplayer-only games, or titles whose ongoing support is solely through multiplayer modes, dominate the chart; for example, Apex Legends stormed into the #1 spot three weeks ago and has stayed there ever since. Anthem is also performing strongly, while years old titles like Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Grand Theft Auto V are still sat in the top ten.

When compared to other single-player focused games, Metro Exodus hasn't done poorly at all. It debuted higher than Far Cry New Dawn in the same week, while earlier single-player focused titles of 2019, like Ace Combat 7 and Onimusha Warlords, didn't chart at all. The game had plenty of promotion leading up to its release with a plethora of trailers and screenshots, and review scores indicate Exodus is the best Xbox instalment of the franchise so far, our own review awarding the game 4.5/5. The latter doesn't suggest a game that could be considered a failure by any means.

So how does Metro Exodus compare to previous Metro titles? Here is a breakdown of tracked player numbers. The graph shows the number of players who had begun each game within the first ten days of their release.

Player numbers

Metro Exodus was by far the most popular game of the lot on release day. In fact, if the numbers for all of the Redux variants were combined as a single entity, the debut numbers for each title have been steadily growing with each instalment. Metro Last Light had a 17% increase compared to Metro 2033. Metro Redux, Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux combined had a massive 77% increase compared to the 360 release of Last Light. Finally, Exodus had a 21% increase compared to Redux combined.

The Xbox 360 titles grew rapidly over the first days of release, whereas Exodus more closely matches the growth pattern of all three of the Redux variants, meaning 4A Games should prepare for the long haul. It's too early to see if the pattern indicated by the graph will remain true, which would suggest that Exodus could fall behind the growth of the first Metro game very shortly.

The developer continues to support their title with ongoing fixes. Right now the developer is planning a hotfix for the week beginning March 4th, which will then be followed by a more extensive patch "shortly after". While the details of the patch are yet to be revealed, we do know it will include fixes for the more common complaint of the feel of the gameplay controls. As soon as we hear more, we'll be sure to let you know.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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