More Details Emerge for Upcoming Overwatch Hero Baptiste

By Rebecca Smith, 26 days ago
Two days ago, Blizzard officially revealed the 30th hero for Overwatch: Origins Edition, Support combat medic Baptiste. Now that we've already seen his back story, his abilities have been unveiled as he's given a full overview in the latest developer update.

As you can imagine from a combat medic, his role is to support his team mates through a variety of experimental healing devices. However, he can eliminate threats himself too, even under tough conditions.


  • Real Name: Jean-Baptiste Augustin
  • Age: 36
  • Occupation: Combat Medic
  • Base of Operations: Tortuga, Haiti (formerly)
  • Affiliation: Caribbean Coalition (formerly), Talon (formerly)


  • Biotic Launcher — Baptiste’s three-round-burst Biotic Launcher rewards accuracy and recoil control with significant damage output. It also doubles as a healing device, lobbing projectiles that heal allies near the point of impact.
  • Regenerative Burst — Baptiste activates an intense regenerative burst that heals himself and nearby allies over time.
  • Immortality Field — Baptiste uses a device to create a field that prevents allies from dying. The generator can be destroyed.
  • Amplification Matrix (Ultimate) — Baptiste creates a matrix that doubles the damage and healing effects of friendly projectiles that pass through it.
  • Exo Boots (Passive) — By first crouching, Baptiste can jump higher.
Blizzard's Vice President Jeff Kaplan gives a more detailed overview of the character in the latest developer update video:

Baptiste is available now on the PC public test server. He will arrive on consoles at a later date.

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