Five Awkward Achievements Fixed in Latest Hotfix

By Rebecca Smith, 23 days ago
At the end of January, something happened in Awkward that prevented players from accessing the solo mode of the game. The result was this also broke a handful of the game's achievements. However, Snap Finger Click has been working closely with Microsoft to come up with a fix for the problem, and this week a hotfix was issued that has once again allowed players to access the mode. The result is the following achievements are now obtainable again:

AwkwardI need some alone timeThe I need some alone time achievement in Awkward worth 23 pointsPlay a solo game

AwkwardFreud in trainingThe Freud in training achievement in Awkward worth 22 pointsGet your first match in a solo game

AwkwardPsychologistThe Psychologist achievement in Awkward worth 86 pointsFinish a solo game with 80% or higher conformity

AwkwardPublic enemyThe Public enemy achievement in Awkward worth 58 pointsFinish solo game with under 20% conformity rating

AwkwardPeople personThe People person achievement in Awkward worth 116 pointsCorrectly match 100 answers in solo games

The hotfix is available now.

We've got the full list of Awkward achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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