Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Achievement List Leaked

By Rebecca Smith,
The open beta is due to go live today for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and will allow players to get their hands on the game if they haven't already done so. However, if the achievements are one of the more pertinent factors in deciding whether you want to purchase a game or not, you may be more interested in the following list that has been leaked. The usual source has leaked the PlayStation 4 trophy list, but at least it gives us a decent glimpse into what the achievement list may entail.

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As mentioned before, the list is from a PS4 copy of the game, so there's always a chance that there will be some slight changes, especially in terms of the Platinum trophy. We also can't verify that the list is 100% accurate until the achievements are scanned into TrueAchievements or Ubisoft confirms the list themselves. Right now, there are 43 unlocks in the list below, including the Platinum trophy. Some of these are secret achievements and you can see those in a separate spoiler tag at the bottom of the list.

Name Description
Platinum Agent Unlock every Trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division®2.
Hard as Nails Finish all missions on hard difficulty or above.
Rebuilding DC Fully upgrade all settlements.
Undressed to Kill Destroy every piece of a tank's armor, then eliminate the tank.
Command and Control Discover 20 control points in DC.
Group Therapy Take over a control point in a group without anyone being downed.
A Friend in Need Respond to a call for help and revive the agent.
Help Me! Put out a call for backup.
Suits You, Sir! Collect any suit of cards in the open world.
TV Cop Perform a slide across the hood of a car.
Negative Ramos! Shock enemy medics by shooting their defibrillator.
Patchwork Get 10 patches from commendations.
Resourceful Agent Help friendlies in resource gathering.
Dark Zone: Extraction Extract an item from each dark zone.
Dark Zone: Takedown Eliminate a disavowed agent in each dark zone.
First Among Equals Win a match of skirmish or domination.
Clan War With your clan, face off against another clan in conflict.
Big Game Hunter Complete a bounty from each safe house.
Autograph Hunter Kill one enemy each of the signature weapons (crossbow, sniper rifle & grenade launcher).
Arrow to the Knee Shoot 10 enemies in the leg with a crossbow.
Next Level Operative Reach Level 30.
Strength in Numbers Create or join a clan.
For Posterity Photo mode: take a photo of a group of 4 agents.
Crafty Collector Collect 20 blueprints.
Taste of the Exotic Craft an exotic weapon or item.
Specialized Equip your first specialization.
Best of the Best Invest in each type of upgrade available for a specialization.
Project Management Complete a project for both the Theater and Campus settlements.
King of the Skill Equip and use each skill.
Dress to Impress Equip high-end gear (or above) in each slot.
Dark Zone: Blackout Hijack Hijack an extraction in any dark zone during a blackout.
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The Division 2 will be released on March 15th. We'll be sure to let you know when we get the full, confirmed Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Achievements list.

We've got the full list of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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