Next Sea of Thieves Update Due Next Week

By Rebecca Smith, 25 days ago
After weeks of discussing what the next Sea of Thieves update will entail, developer Rare has confirmed the next quality of life update will be arriving on March 6th.

Sea of Thieves 9

The update will make tweaks to swordplay, more specifically introducing a delay to players' ability to swing so soon after they have missed their target. They've also fixed a bug where blocking didn't work properly, and balanced several of the other weapons.

More Mercenary Voyages will be introduced, including one that is focused on the Reaper's Mark. On the other hand, current Mercenary ship cosmetics will be removed from the game with the update, so you only have a few days left to earn those. The Mercenary Cosmetic set that's currently tied to the Friends Play Free event will still be coming for all players to earn, but not in this update. They will follow in the next update post-March 6th.

An option will be added for players to opt into the Pioneers programme, where players can test upcoming game features early before they're released to everyone else. To make sure this is working properly, all current Pioneers will be receiving an e-mail before March 6th to test the process.

You can hear more details on the above, and more, in the developer update video below:

As mentioned earlier, the update will be arriving on March 6th and we should have full details of the changes then. On March 20th, Rare is planning a reveal of all of the upcoming features that will be arriving shortly in the game, and we'll also be getting ready to bring you those details as we get them.

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Rebecca Smith
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