Bizarre Creations Announces "Blur"

By NightStalkar, 9 years ago
Through French gaming magazine, Joypad, Bizarre Creations has announced the development of their new racer - Blur, which is set to be released on both the 360 and PS3 by the end of 2009.

Blur isn't just your typical "cross-the-finish-line" racer either. It adds an action-packed element to it's core by giving it's players the ability to use various weapons against opponents. At this point, the weapons mentioned are mines and shields, meaning the game could resemble the classic style of Wipeout (but on four wheels).

Another key point of the game will be the amount of damage your car can take and the detail at which it is displayed. It is said to add countless "crumple zones" on every car that will allow them to react differently to each collision. Also the tracks in the game are located in real-life cities such as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and more.

Lastly, Bizarre Creations is wanting a huge focal point of the game to be multiplayer. Stats are to be tracked via unique identity cards for each player, and the option to post challenges to other players will be available in all modes of play.

Clearly this is a racer to look forward to.