Rotastic Coming to XBLA

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Rotastic is set in a medieval world where riches and dangers are common. Players will gather precious gems that have been scattered throughout the kingdom's "lush forests, crumbling mountains, haunted graveyards and beautiful seaside". A variety of enemies will try to stop you along the way; they could be silly (errant chickens, baby bats encased in wooden crates), menacing (grown-up and not-encased bats, burning beams, knight-shooting cannons), or just plain deadly (buzzing buzz saws, enormous flying piranhas, bloody battering rams, giant human-controlled cast metal robotic ghosts).

However, unlike yesterday's new IP announcement from Focus Home Interactive (Of Orcs and Men), Rotastic is not an RPG, but is instead a 2D arcade / puzzle game heading to XBLA. The heroes of the game can not walk; falling off the screen spells instant doom. Instead, the characters have to swing through the level by hooking your rope to the nearest anchor point, spinning around and gathering momentum before letting go and flying towards the next point. Bear in mind that the gravity can be deceptive. Most of the time, gravity pulls you downwards, but some levels will attract you to the sides, and some will even attract you to the centre of the screen.

The game utilises a one-button gameplay mechanic to make it as accessible as possible. There are nearly 70 stages spread throughout seven worlds, with various goals including collecting gems, escaping deadly traps, battling other players, smashing bricks, perfecting acrobatics, smashing chickens and flying through speed-runs.

Players can compete with their friends by taking part in leaderboard challenges. The local multiplayer modes include deathmatch, races and item collections.

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A release date and price for Rotastic are yet to be confirmed.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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