Warframe Update Adds Time-sensitive Episodic Content

By Lucy Wood,
Warframe's latest update is the first to be launched simultaneously on all platforms. The free episodic content is built around a new in-game radio station called Nightwave and offers exclusive time-sensitive rewards. The first Nightwave series is called "The Wolf of Saturn Six", and it contains new story content with new enemies and back story to discover while completing challenges to advance through the Reward Tiers.

The Nightwave broadcast is presented by a mysterious character called Nora Night, and players can tune in via their Orbital Scanners. Each series will offer exclusive cosmetic rewards such as an Armor Set, Syandana, and Noggle which are only available for the duration of the series. Power items such as Orokin Catalysts, Forma bundles and Weapon/Warframe slots are also available along with a new Wolf Cred currency.

Episode 1 of "The Wolf of Saturn Six" is available now on Warframe.

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Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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