Next Fortnite Season 8 Patch Will Tackle Audio Improvements

By Rebecca Smith, 19 days ago
Last week, Season 8 began in Fortnite. It brought along a plethora of changes to the map, as well as gameplay alterations in all three modes. However, it seems like some people didn't feel like the sound adjustments matched up to the quality of those changes, and Epic Games will be making alterations to some of those aspects in an upcoming patch.

Season 8

The changes will be arriving with patch 8.01. You can find a full list of sound alterations below:

Improvement to the standard AR sound so that it's not overbearing on the shooter.
  • Tightened up the sound, so it’s more of a BLaaam versus a BLAAAM.
Building Piece destroy sound is louder when instigated by enemies.
  • Helps mitigate scenarios where "that guy Hand Cannon'd a wall behind me and I didn't hear it".
Footstep audio blends in the above/below layers, rather than abruptly switching between them.
  • Prevents jarring footstep transitions between floors directly above or below. Should clear up some confusion.
Footstep occlusion traces from the heads of enemies when they're above or below.
  • This helps mitigate scenarios where an enemy has line-of-sight on you but their footsteps still sound muffled/occluded.
Reduce volume of the S8 palm tree umbrella.
  • This only affects the umbrella open/close layers. Don’t worry, the steel drum riff volume is preserved. :)
Patch 8.01 and all of its adjustments is expected later this week.

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Rebecca Smith
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