The TrueAchievements Hangman Challenge – Statistics Roundup

By HitmanOllie, 16 days ago
Thank you to everyone who participated in our new Hangman Challenge. It was a highly popular challenge with 3,463 registrations on TrueAchievements. Check out all the phrases and the first winners below!

Phrase Completions Failures % First Completer
Please Do Better For The Viewers TA Slogan 83 18 82.18% Infamous
From Down Town! Boom Shakalaka! - NBA Jam NBA Jam 73 19 79.35% iCoV x JaRvOo
Look, An Achievement For Dying TA Slogan 78 22 78.00% boldyno1
A Hero Need Not Speak. When He Is Gone, The World Will Speak For Him Halo 82 25 76.64% Ksar96
Check Me Out! I'm Dancing! - ClapTrap Borderlands 77 24 76.24% beMoD
Spare me that terrible fate Convenient phrase 70 22 76.09% Gensui Akainu
The cakes lied. I'm innocent! Portal influenced phrase 89 29 75.42% Darkwings17
Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted Assassin's Creed 66 25 72.53% Revotaku
Finish Him - Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat 61 24 71.76% ChinDocta
In the end, our choices make us BioShock 71 28 71.72% ChasIII
It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This! The Legend Of Zelda 62 25 71.26% GoatND
That was too close. You were almost a Jill sandwich - Barry Burton Resident Evil 59 24 71.08% Divinefury21790
Stay Awhile, And Listen - Deckard Cain Diablo 61 26 70.11% Pteppic42
Miserable Little Pile of Secrets Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 69 30 69.70% IllegallySam
Colonel Mustard With The Revolver In The Conservatory Clue (Cluedo) 62 27 69.66% Itzz Sh0wt1m3
War, War Never Changes - Fallout Fallout 64 28 69.57% Unky TimFU
You Sunk My Battleship Battleship 60 27 68.97% angelsk
It's Time To Kick Ass And Chew Bubble Gum. And I'm All Out Of Gum Duke Nuke 'em 71 33 68.27% Evil Genie
Mrs. Peacock With The Candlestick In The Kitchen Clue (Cluedo) 66 31 68.04% Big Ell
Professor Plum With The Rope In The Study Clue (Cluedo) 55 26 67.90% Twincats
Our Princess is in another castle Super Mario Bros 70 34 67.31% InjuryProne19
Boy! - Kratos, God Of War God of War 69 40 63.30% PirateSpirit
Praise the Sun! - Solaire Of Astora Dark Souls 58 34 63.04% AL1
No Gods or Kings. Only Man - Andrew Ryan BioShock 54 34 61.36% JimbotUK
Community Challenge Convenient phrase 49 31 61.25% Scoot338
Just How Good Are You TA Slogan 51 35 59.30% MaseJ
You Have Died Of Dysentery The Oregon Trail 52 36 59.09% NickyGoldChains
A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys - Andrew Ryan BioShock 49 34 59.04% angelofdeathWHV
All your TA are belong to us Popular meme 56 41 57.73% Devious Oracle
Until I Took An Arrow to the Knee Skyrim 51 38 57.30% xPandorasRagex
Would You Kindly Do This Challenge? Convenient phrase 50 39 56.18% Rayhoven
I am a monument to all your sins Halo 43 36 54.43% x D00G x
Gamerscore Junkie Convenient phrase 62 52 54.39% LeiChat
Do A Barrel Roll - Peppy Hare Star Fox 64 52 45 53.61% Racerblade01
Apparently the easiest phrase for people to guess (and to find the relevant achievements to unlock) was our own TA catchphrase "Please Do Better For The Viewers", familiar to anyone who regularly attends our Mixer streams and perhaps feels Ollie and Jack aren't pulling their weight. Despite having a large number of duplicate letters and arguably being one of the more iconic gaming phrases around, "Do A Barrel Roll - Peppy Hare" was only guessed correctly by a little over half of its contestants.

Here are some of the most popular achievements used in the event, with two recent titles — Crackdown 3 and Apex Legends — providing a surprising number of opportunities to unlock some less common letters. Another surprising entry is the cheap indie game Access Denied. The Access Denied Achievements list appears to have very easy achievements and they all start with fairly common letters — a good game to start with when tackling a Hangman.

Achievement Game #
Jumpmaster Apex Legends 247
Kill Leader Apex Legends 171
Permanent Pink Slip Crackdown 3: Campaign 135
Team Player Apex Legends 134
Fully Kitted Apex Legends 109
Orb Curious Crackdown 3: Campaign 102
One More Time Access Denied 96
Foot In The Door Crackdown 3: Campaign 95
Jailbreaker Crackdown 3: Campaign 91
Endspiel Access Denied 83
Last Step Access Denied 81
First Step Access Denied 79
Half Levels Access Denied 71
Just Getting Started Crackdown 3: Campaign 71
Riding In Style Crackdown 3: Campaign 70
Mittelspiel Access Denied 67
It Was Hard Access Denied 66
Sixth Level Access Denied 60
Gold Medalist Crackdown 3: Campaign 56
Gun Collector Crackdown 3: Campaign 54
Finally, here are the letters that were "guessed" the most often. Whether they were all true guesses or just accidental unlocks is impossible to say!

Letter #
T 2961
A 2915
S 2913
H 2640
I 2629
R 2622
E 2598
O 2578
L 2517
M 2462
228 people have completed all six Challenges on TrueAchievements since we created the Challenges contests, starting with the Alphabet Challenge. Congratulations to those people and thank you for your continued support of our events!

We'll be in touch when the next challenge is ready to roll out!