Turn 10 Possibly Working On a Forza Mobile Game

By James Kearle,
An interesting new rumour has spun out of the eternally churning rumour mill this week. GT Planet, typically associated to the PlayStation exclusive Gran Turismo series, have published an article indicating that Turn 10, the team behind Forza Motorsport Series, may possibly be working on a new Mobile/Win 10 entry.

Speculation began to occur from a mistaken URL posted by Turn 10's community manager, who reportedly included a curious URL into a recent "Week In Review" post by mistake. The leaked URL linked viewers to an inaccessible file, but included a file location with the following script:

Developed in partnership with UK-based studio, Electric Square, Forza Street is built from the ground up to support a wide range of Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices
Forza Street Rumour

Many may be skeptical to the validity of this leak when considering the scheduling of Forza games, which in recent years has been pretty reliable (odd-numbered years come with the latest Forza Motorsport, even-numbered years come with the next Forza Horizon). However, this rumour is made more plausible by the confirmation from Turn 10 Creative Director Chris Esaki that Turn 10 was not actively working on Forza Motorsport 8, but instead looking at "different types of expansions" for the series. With a new full-fledged title seemingly unlikely in 2019, could Turn 10 be seeking to fill the gap with Forza Street?

Forza Street Rumour

As this always the case with articles of this ilk, this report should be taken at face value until official verification is given. When reached out to by GT Planet, a Forza representative simply stated that "we have nothing to announce at this time", neither confirming nor denying their claims.

Would you entertain the idea of a Forza mobile/Win 10 game? Let us know in the comments.

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