World of Tanks Prepares a Month of Events and Updates

By Rebecca Smith,
A new month has a habit of bringing along new updates and/or content in a variety of games.'s online vehicular combat title World of Tanks is no different. The developer has a whole month of updates and events planned for the game, starting with update 4.9 and the return of an event beginning today.

Update 4.9 introduces a 12th nation to the game: Italy. While the nation's Tech Tree won't arrive until later on in the month, the Tier VIII Premium Italian hero tank Ariete Progetto has arrived today. The tank comes with a new Italian auto-reloader, which can hold multiple shells at once that reload automatically one shell at a time until the clip is full. Each shell can be fired without waiting for the full clip to be reloaded. The update also includes a number of gameplay improvements and bug fixes, such as more control over replay highlights, new camouflages, and two returning maps — Berlin Winter and Icebound. You can see a full list of patch notes here.

Today also marks the return of Commander Mode where players take on the role of the Commander as they get a birds-eye view of the battlefield and nine tanks in their control. Armed with unlimited ammo, tanks can be controlled individually or as groups as they battle for victory. Alternatively, players can assume the role of a Tanker and team up with up to five more players to take down the Commander. The return of the mode comes with a few changes, such as mouse and keyboard support, unit possession, better controls for players using controllers, additional ways to command units, a line of sight indicator, and a new battlefield. Like before, the mode is only available for a limited amount of time until March 11th.

Beginning on March 15th, the Luck of the Irish event will help players to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Players will earn a random loot drop for every ten victories they accumulate during the event period, and each drop can be worth up to 100,000 Silver. The event will run until March 17th.

March 29th is when the next event will begin, and it takes the wacky influence of April Fool's Day into account. In Lunar Combat Mode, players take to two extra-terrestrial battlefields in the form of Mars and the Moon. They'll be equipped with the M24 Lunar, a tank specifically built for low-gravity battles. The mode will also allow for respawns. The event will run for just the weekend, ending on April 1st.

Finally, the Spring Games will begin on April 2nd. Meanwhile, Winter Games Charlie, the third phase of the Winter Games, is active now. The equivalent of a Battle Pass offers 30 tiers of rewards — "XP Boosts, Gold and Silver, Free XP, and exclusive Medals" — to be earned during in-game Ops. Players who manage to complete the first campaign in its entirety will earn a "massive" discount on the Premium tank Thunderbolt.

Update 4.9 and Commander Mode are due to go live today.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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