CD Projekt Red Announce Crimson Curse, The First Expansion For Gwent

By Andy Mills, 20 days ago
While Gwent: The Witcher Card Game was available in open beta for quite some time, the multiplayer collectable card game has only been fully released for a handful of months, which arguably makes it more impressive that CD Projekt Red are announcing their first expansion for the title. Titled "Crimson Curse", this expansion will focus on higher vampire Detlaff van der Eretein — players of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will recognise him from that game's "Blood and Wine" expansion — and his kin.

In addition to over 100 new cards — 31 neutral cards and 14 faction-specific cards for each faction — the expansion will also add some new mechanics to the game. Poison and Bleeding add new ways to inflict damage while Shield and Vitality will help to defend from attacks. Finally, Deathblow and Berserk effects can be used (to attempt) to turn the tide of a match in the player's favour.

Crimson Curse expansion for Gwent

CD Projekt Red will reveal cards — so far, they've shown Disgraced Brawler; Dryad Ranger; Windhalm of Attre; Plumard and Samum — on the expansion's official website throughout the month of March, until "Crimson Curse" expands Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on March 28th.

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