Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon Now Available

By Rebecca Smith, 19 days ago
Revealed last month, Operation Burnt Horizon is the first season in the fourth year of content for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. While the season was available on PC public test servers, it hadn't been released for console, but that's all changed this week as the two new operators and the new map have arrived for Xbox One players.

Operation Burnt Horizon

Operation Burnt Horizon takes players down under to the Australian Outback, hence the title of the new map — Outback. The map is joined by two Australian SASR operators, Gridlock and Mozzie, who are Attacker and Defender respectively. Those who have purchased the Year 4 Pass can use the two new Operators immediately. Other players will need to wait until March 13th to be able to unlock the Operators with Renown or R6 Credits, although the map is available to everyone now.

The new Season also brings changes to playlists. There's a new Newcomer Playlist so that players who are under level 50 aren't thrown into the deep end. The playlist aims to help players learn the basics of the game by offering up the Bomb mode from classic maps Chalet, Bank, and Consulate. The bomb sites are already chosen for the Defenders, but Attackers will get to choose where they wish to spawn.

The Casual playlist has been updated to improve the transition between Newcomer and Ranked play. There is also a minimum level requirement of level 30 for anyone wishing to play Ranked modes. These changes are amongst a host of improvements and bug fixes made in the game update that arrived alongside the new season. From more details on these changes and the above content, check out the game's official website. Otherwise, you can take a look at how Ubisoft Montreal created the new map and Operators in the video below:

Operation Burnt Horizon is available now.

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