Windscape Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Windscape Achievement List.

There are 16 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret

Windscape Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Battle-tested Defeat 5 enemies. 50
Craftsmanship Craft 5 items at the different workstations. 50
Crypt Enter the Crypt deep under the graveyard. 75
Desert Pyramid Find the Pyramid in the Desert. 50
Desert Temple Find the Desert Temple. 75
Gatherer Gather 10 resources. 50
Graveyard Enter the spooky graveyard. 100
Helping hand Complete 3 quests. 75
Jivana Travel to Jivana and find out more about the evil that is threatening your world. 50
Kane Defeat Kane and save the life spending tree of Jivana. 100
Lumberjack Cut down 5 trees. 50
Maaki Desert Travel to Maake Desert. 50
Mines Enter the Mines on Evergreen Island. 50
Sky Harbor Enter Sky Harbor. 75
Tambora Travel to Tambora, which was once a mining colony. 50
Walters Mill Find Walters Watermill. 50
‘Windscape’ is a first-person action-adventure set in a lovely world made up of floating islands in the sky. As you discover the world you learn that something has gone terribly wrong - islands are breaking apart and falling from the sky! It’s up to you to discover the evil that is threatening the universe of Windscape.
Windscape is developed by Magic Sandbox and published by Headup Games.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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